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If you spend over $1,500 in shopping, you can pick up the goods from the supermarket with free shipping~ No selection, no setting, no VIP. As long as the items in the shopping cart accumulate more than $1,500, the system will automatically pop up the free shipping option in the supermarket!

Upgrade VIP lazy package: 1. Complete a transaction 2. If the transaction amount exceeds $2,000 (inclusive), you can upgrade to VIP membership! After that, you can enjoy a 5% discount on weekday shopping, and during the active period, there are more discounts higher than 55%. Discount~

Long-awaited! The PTS ZEV ED-BROWN 1911 standard version GBB pistol is open for online pre-order from now on! The goods are expected to be shipped at the end of February and will be shipped according to the order ordered! Shipping costs are extra! Please see the product page for details~

Like the real OZ9, the PTS OZ9 features a modular frame system that includes the ZEV Flat Face trigger, bezel, and frame slide. The metal frame extends along the entire length of the gun, allowing for a sturdier firearm, smoother slide movement, and mounting of various lights and lasers.


PTS Elite elite equipment

PTS ELITE is a division of PTS SYNDICATE . It operates PTS ELITE as a brand of professional military equipment and is committed to providing well-designed equipment from major global brands and various customized services to law enforcement officers across Asia. and military and police departments.
The mission of PTS ELITE is to meet the needs and challenges law enforcement military and police personnel face in various tasks in the modern era of increasingly modern tactical equipment, by providing original equipment or matching equipment with each factory's special equipment. To meet the needs of executing tasks, we can even provide tailor-made customized solutions. [ details... ]
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100% system integration - OPS CORE

Modern helmets are no longer just helmets, but helmet systems. The accessories are all modular in design. The accessories can be used interchangeably on helmets of your own brand. The helmets have designed elastic cords, devil sticks, guide rails or optical mirror mount modules, etc. It can be equipped with accessories from Third-Party manufacturers, so it is a system rather than a single product.

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