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PTS Elite3AC Cobra quick release buckle kit 3AC Cobra quick release buckle kit
PTS EliteAdapt 3AC side bulletproof carrying bag 6x6Adapt 3AC side bulletproof carrying bag 6x6
PTS EliteAdapt 3-Inch Assault GirdleAdapt 3-Inch Assault Girdle
Ferro Concepts
Adapt 3-Inch Assault Girdle Sale priceFrom NT$5,125 元
Adapt KTAR front flip-up chest plateAdapt KTAR front flip-up chest plate
PTS EliteADAPT administrative hanging boardADAPT administrative hanging board
Save NT$30 元ATAK chest extension panel Chesty ATAK Panel ATAK chest extension panel Chesty ATAK Panel
Ferro Concepts
ATAK chest extension panel Chesty ATAK Panel Sale priceFrom NT$2,345 元 Regular priceNT$2,475 元
PTS EliteBanger BackpackBanger Backpack
Ferro Concepts
Banger Backpack Sale priceFrom NT$7,900 元
PTS EliteCARRY ELASTIC elastic waistbandCARRY ELASTIC elastic waistband
PTS EliteDOPE front-fold multifunctional bagDOPE front-fold multifunctional bag
PTS EliteFCPC V5 anti-ballistic plate carrierFCPC V5 anti-ballistic plate carrier
PTS EliteSold outM-Lok quick release QD mountM-Lok quick release QD mount
NEWModular Holster Adapter 模組化槍套轉接板Modular Holster Adapter 模組化槍套轉接板
PTS EliteMOLLE administrative hanging boardMOLLE administrative hanging board
PTS EliteMOLLE Zipper Adapter Plate KitMOLLE Zipper Adapter Plate Kit
RADio™ Radio PocketRADio™ Radio Pocket
Ferro Concepts
RADio™ Radio Pocket Sale priceFrom NT$3,260 元
Roll 1™ Trauma First Aid KitRoll 1™ Trauma First Aid Kit
TEAR 前置面板TEAR 前置面板
Ferro Concepts
TEAR 前置面板 Sale priceNT$2,665 元
PTS EliteThe Bison Belt™ lightweight carbon fiber composite tactical beltThe Bison Belt™ lightweight carbon fiber composite tactical belt
PTS EliteThe Dangler® Underbelly PackThe Dangler® Underbelly Pack
Ferro Concepts
The Dangler® Underbelly Pack Sale priceFrom NT$2,135 元
PTS EliteThe Mini Dangler® mini tummy bagThe Mini Dangler® mini tummy bag
PTS EliteThe Slickster MOLLE anti-ballistic panel carrierThe Slickster MOLLE anti-ballistic panel carrier
PTS EliteThe Slickster ballistic plate carrierThe Slickster ballistic plate carrier
PTS EliteThe Slingster quick-adjust two-point shoulder pad gun slingThe Slingster quick-adjust two-point shoulder pad gun sling
PTS EliteTurnover™ Triple 566 Magazine PouchTurnover™ Triple 566 Magazine Pouch
PTS EliteTurnover™- Quad SMG Quad Mag PouchTurnover™- Quad SMG Quad Mag Pouch
PTS EliteWingman™ V2 Side Multi-Function BagWingman™ V2 Side Multi-Function Bag
Wingthing adapter boardWingthing adapter board
PTS EliteFront flip-up KANGAROO chest bagFront flip-up KANGAROO chest bag
PTS EliteFront flip-up MOLLE hanging panelFront flip-up MOLLE hanging panel
Single point gun slingSingle point gun sling
Ferro Concepts
Single point gun sling Sale priceFrom NT$2,565 元
PTS EliteLarge plug-in kangaroo multifunctional bagLarge plug-in kangaroo multifunctional bag
PTS EliteSmall plug-in kangaroo multifunctional bagSmall plug-in kangaroo multifunctional bag
Chesty RIG Mini HarnessChesty RIG Mini Harness
Ferro Concepts
Chesty RIG Mini Harness Sale priceFrom NT$3,395 元
Back panel hydration bagBack panel hydration bag
PTS EliteTactical vest shoulder padsTactical vest shoulder pads
Ferro Concepts
Tactical vest shoulder pads Sale priceFrom NT$2,135 元
背後掛版 MOLLE款背後掛版 MOLLE款
Ferro Concepts
背後掛版 MOLLE款 Sale priceNT$3,360 元
PTS EliteLightweight single-link elastic pistol magazine pouchLightweight single-link elastic pistol magazine pouch
PTS EliteLightweight double elastic pistol magazine pouchLightweight double elastic pistol magazine pouch
Universal Multipurpose Bag 12x5"Universal Multipurpose Bag 12x5"
Universal Multipurpose Bag 6x5"Universal Multipurpose Bag 6x5"
Universal Multipurpose Bag 6x9"Universal Multipurpose Bag 6x9"
PTS EliteDouble bag backpackDouble bag backpack
Ferro Concepts
Double bag backpack Sale priceFrom NT$6,865 元
Sold outPeaked Cap - Chief CoffinPeaked Cap - Chief Coffin