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Inquiry about shipment

There are two types of shipping inquiries: 1. Check whether the website has shipped 2. Track the current location of the goods

I. Check whether the STEEL SHOP Taiwan website has shipped? Prepare your order number and EMAIL first

Step 1. After entering the website, click Chat in the lower right corner

Step 2. If you are in the chat room window after opening, please click the return arrow above.

Step 3. Click Track My Order and click to enter the order information when looking down.

Step 4. Fill in your order number and email and click [Send]

Step 5. [Link URL] will appear in the chat window and the current status will be displayed as [shipped] or [not yet shipped]

Step 6. You can also click on the link and after logging in, you will see the complete order details.

Note: You can also directly log in to your personal account on the website. All order information will be displayed on the personal account page, and you can click on it in order to view it.

II. Track the current location of goods

Once shipped normally, you will receive 2 emails for each order, one of which is an email with tracking code information.

Step 1. Log in to your mailbox and find the email sent to you by STEEL SHOP Taiwan. There is a letter with [Shipping Information for Order Number #TXXXX] written in the subject line and open it.

Step 2. You will see [Tracking Number] and [Visit our store] in the content, click [Tracking Number]

Step 3. The webpage will display information about the current location of your goods. If you use a 7-11 supermarket to pick up the goods, the logistics page information of the supermarket's official website will be displayed. The same is true for Black Cat and FamilyMart supermarkets!

If you still have any questions or need help above, please find help through the information on the [Contact Us] page, thank you!

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