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Recommended military and police equipment - PTS Elite, a comprehensive solution for elite military and police equipment

What is PTS Elite elite equipment?

PTS ELITE is a department under PTS SYNDICATE . It operates PTS ELITE as a brand of professional military equipment and is committed to providing well-designed equipment from major global brands and various customized services to customers all over Asia. Law enforcement officers and uniformed services.

The mission of PTS ELITE is to meet the needs and challenges law enforcement military and police personnel face in various tasks in the modern era of increasingly modern tactical equipment, by providing original equipment or matching it with each factory's special equipment to achieve execution. Depending on the needs of the task, customized solutions can even be provided.

For PTS ELITE elite equipment and our customers, the performance of the equipment is very important. We are committed to providing products suitable for the law enforcement and military police markets. The brands that cooperate with PTS are as follows:

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP)



Craig International Ballistics (CIB)

Cloud Defensive



Ferro Concepts








Unity Tactical

Enter PTS ELITE product list

PTS has been deeply involved in the field of tactical equipment and weapon accessories for many years. We are very familiar with and understand the defensive equipment and weapon accessories of almost every factory. We also constantly update all product knowledge, so we can quickly provide corresponding solutions to different needs. Not only that, PTS can also provide enhanced solutions for the products provided. The entire solution is multi-oriented. In addition to the provision of hardware equipment, it can also change the combination of equipment from different brands to achieve The result of 1 plus 1 is greater than 2, and customized services allow the equipment to achieve 100% effectiveness. This is the value of PTS ELITE elite equipment !

Because PTS ELITE cooperates with major manufacturers around the world, it can provide a wide range of products, including various military-grade defensive tactical equipment, police accessories or weapons, etc. Whether it is PTS's own brand or an agent brand, they are all products carefully selected to meet the needs of military and police law enforcement personnel.

If you need consultation, PTS ELITE elite equipment solutions or looking for unit equipment procurement solutions, you can consult via email. PTS ELITE will contact you and provide services as soon as possible, and provide you with more product-related information and complete solutions.

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