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Article: Introduction to Ops Core FAST BUMP High Cut Protective Helmet System

Ops Core FAST BUMP 高裁切防護頭盔系統簡介

Introduction to Ops Core FAST BUMP High Cut Protective Helmet System

HELMET, the primary equipment to protect soldiers, has been used by soldiers since at least the 26th century BC. It has evolved from a [tin hat] or the M1917 Kelly helmet made of manganese steel pressed into a bowl shape to one that can block The [composite material] of the AK47 bullet has also reduced its weight from more than 3 pounds to more than 1 pound or less now, and it also has more functional accessories.
Modern helmets are no longer just helmets, but helmet systems. The accessories are all modular in design. The accessories can be used interchangeably on helmets of your own brand. The helmets have designed elastic cords, devil sticks, guide rails or optical mirror mount modules, etc. It can be equipped with accessories from Third-Party manufacturers, so it is a system rather than a single product.
OPS-CORE FAST BUMP high-cut protective helmet system is suitable for less extreme environments. For this helmet, the bulletproof function is not a priority. The focus is to prevent injuries from blunt objects, or it is mainly used to cooperate with the mission. Load the required functional accessories.
FAST BUMP is constructed from a rigid polymer and has a high-cut shell with eight upper vents to increase airflow and reduce heat buildup. The ventilated Lux ​​liner features a low-profile Occ-Dial and Head-Loc retention system to provide enhanced protection. Impact protection and adjustable stability and comfort. The Modular Bungee Shroud (MBS - Modular Bungee Shroud) on the front of the helmet is compatible with most NVG mounts and integrated NVG fixtures, and can be used to install night vision goggles of different brands or compatible adapters. Connector/adapter devices can also be installed. In addition, FAST BUMP uses PowerPath ARC guide rails, which can integrate and manage the wires of electronic devices installed on the helmet system.
FAST BUMP Specifications:
Performance specifications: BS EN 1385: 2012, ACH CO/PD 05-04: 2007, PS-1145
Material: Injection Molded Glass Filled Nylon
Thickness: 0.138” (3.50 mm)
Cut: High Cut
Helmet Curvature: FAST Curvature
Color: black, sand
Size/head circumference: L / 56-59 cm, XL / 59-62 cm
Devices that FAST BUMP can be paired with include AMP anti-noise Bluetooth headsets, goggles, chin masks, helmet linings, fixed strap systems, gas masks, etc. Some accessories are controlled products and can only be purchased by military and police units. Please use the connector Contact our information industry to inquire about the business handled by PTS Taiwan~

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