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Article: Comp-Tac - CT2 and CT3 respectively

Comp-Tac - CT2 及 CT3 分別

Comp-Tac - CT2 and CT3 respectively

Comp-Tac is an American company that manufactures and designs tactical accessories and prides itself on its diverse and high-quality product line. Whether you are a professional law enforcement officer, military personnel or an avid shooting sports enthusiast, Comp-Tac has products to suit your needs - such as: pistol holsters, belt holders, ammo pouches and accessory pouches. Among them, the CT2 and CT3 short holsters are the most eye-catching and popular.

COMP-TAC® CT2-H™ is a LEVEL II short holster that uses a resistance mechanism and a thumb release safety cap to extract the pistol. This dual mechanism prevents your pistol from accidentally falling off or being easily pulled out secretly. The CT2-H™ is designed to reach the ready position of holding the weapon before completely withdrawing the weapon, and then release the dual mechanism to draw the pistol. This release mechanism makes it one of the fastest LEVEL II short holsters on the market today.

The COMP-TAC® CT3 offers a LEVEL III short holster with a triple mechanism of drag mechanism, slot lock and thumb-must release safety cap. The CT3 is designed with the same purpose as the CT2-H™, but with an additional mechanism - a slot lock, allowing the pistol to be more securely placed in a short holster. Despite the additional mechanism, it is still the fastest on the market today. One of the LEVEL III short holsters.

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