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PTS Steel Shop Taiwan official website opening event description

<center>PTS Steel Shop 台灣官方網站<br>慶開幕活動說明</center>

PTS Steel Shop Taiwan official website opening event description

Welcome to PTS Steel Shop Taiwan official website!

November 16 , 2023 is a good day for the opening of the PTS Steel Shop Taiwan official website ! Thank you very much for coming here to celebrate with us by scanning the QR code or entering the URL. We have many good things to give you during the opening celebration ~ 

First of all, celebrate the opening of the PTS Steel Shop official website. During the opening promotion period in November , anyone who completes registration on the website and completes a single purchase can be upgraded to a VIP customer . If you purchase over $800 , you can get free shipping on all orders. The promotion is only available for Until the end of December . If you want to become a VIP member after that, you need to spend at least $8,000 in a single transaction, so please seize the super opportunity during the opening period !

Becoming a VIP can not only enjoy a 50 % discount on shopping, but you can also redeem small gifts at the PTS booth at the MOA exhibition with your EMAIL purchase voucher ~

Step 1-2-3 Complete registration and shopping package

First of all, you only need to register as a member on the official website and fill in your name, email, and password. You can become a member. After successful registration, the page will return to the homepage of the website. Remember to click on the little head icon in the upper right corner to enter your personal account and edit the main address. This will make the subsequent shopping process easier and simpler.

PTS STEEL SHOP Taiwan Official Website

Next, just browse the mall, put the products you like in the shopping cart, and go to checkout! Because you have filled in your address in advance, after pressing the checkout button, you only need to choose easily:

1. Select [Home Delivery/Supermarket Pickup]

2. Since the address has been edited during registration, just choose the third shipping method.

The names of supermarkets closer to the main address will be displayed here. Just select the supermarket you are familiar with or the one closest to you.

3. Remember to check the box! Check the box [E-mail me the latest news and promotions]

4. For payment, select [Supermarket pickup and payment], and then click [Complete order]

That’s it! After 2 to 3 working days, you log in to the PTS official website again. After placing the products in the shopping cart, you will see the system automatically affixing the red words [ VIP Discount 5%off ] for you. , and enjoy VIP discounts of 5% off on shopping!

Remember to collect the order notification you received after shopping~ At the MOA exhibition on December 1-3, you can come to the PTS booth with your email order voucher to exchange for small gifts! For information about the MOA exhibition [ please see here ]

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