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SENTRY XP mid-cut ballistic helmet

SKU: OC128-71-99-5XX-BLK-M

USD $1835.95



預計出貨等待時間 : 頭盔按訂單生產並經過品質測試,此商品將在 24 週左右的時間從原廠發貨。

預購商品說明 :
4.我們會在 1.向原廠下單完成 2.貨品到達總公司 3.從倉庫出貨,以上這3個時間點主動與您聯繫,其中有任何問題都可以直接透過LINE與PTS STEEL SHOP專員連繫。
5.由於向原廠下單後無法更改頭盔尺寸,且不提供更換服務; 請確保尺寸測量準確無誤。建議個人在下單前先試戴適合尺寸的防彈頭盔。
7. 下單即表示要訂購,會先收取訂金,出貨前會再聯絡您付尾款,確認無誤後才會出貨。
8. 若下單後您無法提供相關證件,或是提供的資料與本人不符,甚至是借名購買者,將採取法律行動要求當事人賠償及負起相關責任。
9. PTS保留刪除及取消訂單的權力。

[Announcement: When purchasing Ops Core, you will need to fill out the EUC form and report the flow of goods to the original manufacturer. You will also need to provide personal information and product-related information, so think carefully before purchasing! ]

[Announcement: This product is only for purchase reference by military and police units, so orders cannot be placed. Please confirm your identity through the contact information and inquire about product price and other details. Non-military and police personnel and the general public are not allowed to place orders or make inquiries. Thank you for your cooperation!】

* Mid-cut, lightweight, ballistic shell made from a hybrid composite of carbon, unidirectional polyethylene and woven aramid.

* Provides more head coverage than ACH low cut helmets.

* Comes with Ops-Core Skeleton Guard, compatible with most night vision goggle mounts, features 4 -position Ops-Core ARC rail and external VELCRO® branded ring.

* Compatible with inner ear communication devices for increased mission compatibility.

* Single lining system available as an option.

* Comes with Ops-Core helmet bag.

Military and police procurement units please inquire about product procurement through the information on the [ Contact Us ] page.

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SENTRY XP mid-cut ballistic helmet
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