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Article: Use a picture to help you understand the MAGPUL MS1 gun sling system

用一張圖帶您看懂MAGPUL MS1 槍背帶的系統

Use a picture to help you understand the MAGPUL MS1 gun sling system

The MS1 gun sling system uses the MS1 gun sling as the main body. The MS1 gun sling is divided into two types:
1. MS1 gun sling with shoulder pads (MA555) []
2. MS1 gun sling without shoulder pads (MA504) []
The buckle accessories at both ends of the gun belt are determined according to different purposes and the existing connecting ring seats on the gun.
1. Both end points are PARACLIP quick-release buckles []
2. Both end points are QD strap rings []
3. Both end points are QDM strap rings []
These three types can be combined with the MS1 gun sling to form a two-point gun sling method.
If the contact points at the front of the gun body and the contact points on the butt use different ring seats, you can consider the following combinations to achieve a 2-point to single-point gun sling connection method.
4. MS1 to MS3 QD adapter buckle + PARACLIP quick release buckle
5. MS1 to MS3 adapter buckle + PARACLIP quick release buckle: This is the MS3 Gen2 gun sling (MA505)
6. MS1 to MS4 adapter ring + QD sling ring: This is the MS4 Gen2 gun sling (MA510)
7. MS1 to MS4 QDM adapter buckle + QDM strap ring
Among them, the MS1 to MS4 adapter buckle is quite special. You can refer to the picture above. The upper end of the adapter buckle is designed with a QD ring seat. Therefore, when converting from 2 points to single point, the other short part of the gun strap must be QD. Or QDM strap loop.
Another MS1 to MS3 adapter buckle is because the upper end of the adapter buckle has a larger ring, so there is space to connect the PARACLIP quick-release buckle, and there is enough room for movement to prevent the gun sling from getting entangled.
It may be difficult to imagine from the text description, but it will be easier to understand the entire MS1 gun sling system if you match it with the picture. Helps you choose the right gun sling.
Currently, the products to be linked are all in stock. The unlinked MS1-to-MS3 or MS1-to-MS4 adapter rings are still on the way. I will give you a further introduction when the products are released.

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