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Article: Am I a VIP member? Do I get a VIP discount?

我是VIP會員嗎? 我有VIP折扣嗎?

Am I a VIP member? Do I get a VIP discount?

VIP membership upgrade package: You only need to complete one transaction, and the transaction amount is greater than or equal to $2,000, you can be upgraded to a VIP member!

However, many members have responded that they don’t know whether they have upgraded to VIP? Or how do I know whether my current order is using a VIP discount?

The editor will now help you answer:

Question 1: How do I know if I am a VIP member?

Method 1: Use the "Chat" APP at the bottom right of the web page.

Step 1: Log in to the member account 2. Open chat 3. Enter the question in the conversation window 4. Submit

In this way, the editor will receive your question~ Even if you close the window, the answer will be replied to you in the form of EMAIL! So don't worry about not receiving a response.

Method 2: Use the information on the [Contact Us] page to make inquiries with the editor.

Method 3: If the string [VIP DISCOUNT 5% OFF] appears in the shopping cart or checkout screen, it shows that you are already a VIP member! This string of words will take a while to appear because as soon as you enter the shopping cart, The VIP price of the current product will be calculated, so it will appear relatively slowly.

Question 2: Do I use the VIP discount on my order?

Check 1: Check whether [VIP DISCOUNT 5% OFF] appears in the shopping cart

Check 2: Check whether the red words [ Discount Code Applied ] and [Saving Amount] appear? If they do not appear, do not press [Checkout], otherwise the product price will be used for settlement!!! Be sure to wait. one time!

Question 3: What should I do if I click [Checkout] without applying the VIP discount?

Answer: Don’t worry, the editor will check the order every day. If it is found that you are a VIP member but the VIP discount has not been applied, the editor will manually modify the order and add the discount -5% to the order, and then EMAIL: a new one The order will be settled for you~

If you are really worried that the editor has not noticed the problem with your order, you can call me directly or inform the editor through the chat APP! Even if the payment has been completed, the editor can also provide you with a discount code for the same amount. , allowing you to use it against your next consumption, or before the bank closes the account, the editor can also apply to refund the difference to you~

PTS STEEL SHOP Taiwan official website wishes you safe and happy shopping!

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