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Article: The Spring Festival event to see off the old and welcome the new starts from February 5th to February 29th

春節送舊迎新活動 2月5日起~2月29日止

The Spring Festival event to see off the old and welcome the new starts from February 5th to February 29th

This Thursday is New Year’s Eve, and we are about to enter the Spring Festival holiday. Friends who still need equipment, please come to the PTS STEEL SHOP Taiwan official website!!

The Spring Festival activities to see off the old and welcome the new are starting from now on!

The main thing is to buy more and get more. If you buy more than $1500, you can also pick up the goods at the supermarket for free shipping! If you are already a VIP member, there is also a 5% discount!! The maximum gift of shopping credits is $500, so you can get a discount code at the end of this event. It can be used later, isn’t it a great deal?!

The following is a comparison table between the target amount and shopping bonus:

If you are not a VIP member yet, please make an order of over $2,000 before you can upgrade to a VIP member. If you have completed the transaction and want to know whether you are a VIP member, you can refer to this article: [ Am I a VIP member? Do I have a VIP discount? ].

How to give shopping credits:

1. Every time an order reaches [the target amount], a shopping credit sending record will be registered. Order amounts are not cumulative.

2. From March 1st to 2nd, the number and amount of shopping credit discount coupons for all members will be counted and sent out on March 2nd. It will be sent through the EMAIL in the member's information, so please be sure to confirm that your member's EMAIL is registered correctly before March .

3. How to use shopping credit: In principle, only one shopping credit discount coupon can be used for one order. This coupon can only be used once. It will disappear after use. If it is lost, it cannot be re-sent, so please save it carefully .

Finally, PTS STEEL SHOP Taiwan wishes you a happy shopping! Good luck in the Year of the Dragon!!

If you have any questions above, please leave a message on the official website or call customer service for assistance. (03)3247508 Contact Mr. Qiu.

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